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The Tugs Register

The Tugs Register 2016

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  • Product ID:TUGS/16
  • ISBN Number:978-1-907060-79-3
  • Published Date:Aug-16
  • Availability:IN-STOCK
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Available in PDF format only

The recent edition of the Clarksons Research's Tug Register reflects our significantly expanded coverage of the world Tug fleet, containing details of approximately 17,000 vessels, covering all tugs in excess of 100 gross tonnes. A text commentary provides background and context to the tug fleet, while a statistics section provides a detailed analysis of developments in its size and structure. An index of Owners and Vessels provides company contact information and fleet listings for over 5000 companies.

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Information on each tug listed includes (where available):

  • Name, ex-name, year built, classification and flag
  • Owner
  • Builder
  • Horsepower & Bollard pull
  • Service speed
  • Dimensions & Tonnage
  • Engines
  • Propellors
  • Winches

Full specifications covering power generation and propulsion equipment, emergency intervention equipment, communications, safety aids, builders and owners are now available on the Clarksons Research's World Fleet Register (

The Tugs Register 2016 is also available on World Fleet Register

Advertising: For many years, our registers have provided excellent profiling and marketing opportunities for many of the world's leading offshore companies. For the opportunity to advertise in the next edition of this publication please contact our Clarksons Research Advertising Sales team, by calling: +44 (0)1531 634561.

For more information please contact our sales team:

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