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Data & Consultancy

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Data and Consultancy

Data and Consultancy

Data and Consultancy

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Clarksons Research offer tailored data feeds and consultancy to meet client specific requirements.

Most clients access the vast Clarksons Research database through the world's leading commercial online system Shipping Intelligence Network and leading online fleet register World Fleet Register. For client's with additional needs, Clarksons Research offer tailored bespoke data feeds to meet a client's specific requirements, including API delivery. Delivery format and frequency will meet the client's specific needs and your service will be managed, often alongside other services such as briefing papers, presentations, consultancy and access to our standard online subscriptions, in an annual retainer by the Research Services team with technical support from the Data Distribution team. Many clients use these data feeds to support in house applications and systems, including CRM and Dashboard reporting.

Clarksons Research provide a range of consultancy support, including strategic, transactional and sector reports. This includes supporting clients with finance raising documentation, where we have a strong track record of providing industry section support for IPOs, follow on, bonds, and private placements.

To discuss your exact needs and pricing, please contact with an enquiry or call +44 207 334 3439.