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Offshore Intelligence Monthly - Single Subscription

Price: 1,250.00 / €1,625.00 / $1,875.00

Offshore Intelligence Monthly - Single Sub

Offshore Intelligence Monthly - Single Subscription

Price: 1,250.00 / €1,625.00 / $1,875.00

  • Product ID:OIM
  • ISSN Number:2044-9496
  • Availability:IN STOCK

Clarksons Research's Offshore Intelligence Monthly publication contains up to date information on the global offshore oil and gas industry.

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This 56-page publication makes available a wide range of data and analysis:

  • Offshore Intelligence Monthly combines a wide range of aspects of the offshore industry from the exploration phase through to the production and decommissioning stages, containing all the information decision makers need.
  • It makes available data and analysis from the Clarksons Research oil & gas fields, structures & vessels and mapping databases consisting of around 6,500 fields and over 20,000 existing structures all linked via our spatial database. The coverage is truly global, including offshore oil and gas production statistics by country, information on field locations and water depths and the entire fleet that serves the industry worldwide.
  • Our databases cover all of the offshore sectors from survey vessels to drilling and production units, and Offshore Intelligence Monthly provides clear and defined segmentation of the structures and vessels that serve the industry.
  • Graphs, text and tables are presented in the Clarksons Research style, providing useful analysis, summaries and commentary throughout. Clear presentation enables readers to access easily and quickly the wealth of information available.
  • Offshore Intelligence Monthly is published every month, providing the latest available data in a timely manner.

Delivered in hard copy and e-mail format each month, Offshore Intelligence Monthly is the most timely, convenient and comprehensive way to keep track of developments in the offshore industry.


  • Demand, Production & Fleet
    Oil and Gas Demand
  • Oil and Gas Demand by Country
    Oil Supply
  • Offshore Exploration Activity
  • Potential Field
  • Developments
  • Field Start-Ups
  • Fields Under Development
  • Fields in Production
  • Total World Gas Production
  • Offshore Gas Production
  • Deployment of Drilling Units
  • Deployment of Production Units
    Fleet & Orderbook
  • World Offshore Fleet & Orderbooks
  • Offshore Fleet by Owner & Type
  • Offshore Orderbook by Owner & Type
  • Age Profile of Offshore Fleet
  • Class & Flag League Tables
  • Classification of Offshore Fleet
  • Flag States of Offshore Fleet
  • Offshore Fleet & Orderbook by Builder
  • Offshore Newbuilding Contracts
  • Offshore Deliveries
  • Offshore Demolition
    Owners & Operators
  • Top Offshore Owners by Sector
  • Operators of Production Units
  • Offshore Oil & Gas Field Operators
    Casualty & Incidents
  • Production Outages
  • Casualty & Incident
  • Overview
    Commercial Data
  • Charter Market and Fixtures
  • Asset Values and Sales
  • Oil Transport Costs
  • Economics Indicators

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