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Clarksons Research offer tailored bespoke data feeds to meet client specific requirements.

Clarksons Research provide a comprehensive data offering to a wide range of clients, with standard databases available for each of our Offshore Vessel Registers and Regional Directories. Comprehensive global data is also available in GIS format. Please contact with the vessel type or oil producing region that you require data for.

We also support clients with bespoke data feeds with a delivery format and frequency that will meet the client's specific needs. This data is sourced from our comprehensive oilfield, structure / vessels, GIS and commercial databases. Your service will be managed by the Customer Services team with technical support from the Data Distribution team. Many clients use these data feeds to support in house applications and systems. Clarksons Research is supporting hundreds of major clients within the offshore industry, in particular in the insurance market.

To discuss your exact needs and pricing, please contact with an enquiry or call +44 207 334 3439.