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Seminars & Consultancy

Seminars & Consultancy

Shipbuilding Forecast Club

Established in 2001, the Clarksons Research Shipbuilding Club provides a tailored market research service to a wide range of equipment suppliers, shipbuilders, classification societies, insurers, service providers and financiers that have a focus on the development of the newbuilding market and the broader shipping industry.

The research is invaluable for strategic planning, product and market planning, marketing planning and budgetary planning, understanding and analysing Clarksons Research unique data offering, networking and education. In addition to the newbuilding market focus, the research also provides powerful analysis for those focused on ownership trends in shipping and the development of the fleet and after sales market. Member services include seminars, forecast reports and regular market updates on a wide range of topics.

The core service comprises the below main elements, with many clients also subscribing in addition to underlying data, websites and consultancy from Clarksons Research:

Twice a year seminars (March and September)

  • The current state of the market.
  • Ten year newbuilding order potential.
  • Short term update and outlook.
  • Current status and trends in selected markets.
  • Selected "special topics"
  • Discussions and exchange of views.

Ten year newbuilding and fleet development market forecast

  • Yearly contracting of newbuildings by over 50 ship type and size-range in number on ships, CGT and value (US Dollars).
  • Detailed analysis to 2,000gt but larger additional forecasts and analysis to 1,000 gt.
  • Yearly deliveries of newbuildings as above.
  • Yearly contracting by major shipbuilder country.
  • Long term trade projections.
  • Long term fleet development forecast.
  • Trends in ship ownership.
  • Market review of over 50 ship type segments.

Monthly updates of the newbuilding market

  • Contracting activity of the month.
  • Summary contracting by ship type and country.
  • A review of market developments and sentiment.
  • Development in currencies and interest rates.

Contact the Research Services team for more details / +44 207 334 3439.