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Shipping Intelligence Network

Shipping Intelligence Network Single User

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Clarksons powerful web-based information system is the most comprehensive source of data on shipping and the shipping markets.

Shipping Intelligence Network provides access to 100,000 pages of data - a source of information about the shipping industry whose range and depth is unsurpassed.

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Shipping Intelligence Network is Clarksons Researchs leading online data service, and will provide you with a wealth of information to support your business. Whatever your role in the shipping industry is up to date and relevant information for you.

Shipping Intelligence Network contains the comprehensive range of data collected and published by Clarksons Research , including the latest information on the shipping markets at glance, easily downloadable versions of its wide range periodicals, extensive fleet and orderbook listings, and thousands of time-series and graphs of key commercial information.

A clear and easy to use format , combined with the latest data and technology, provides a fast and efficient tool for the whole of the maritime industry.

Data available stretches to thousands of time-series and tables each regularly updated and readily downloadable into excel spreadsheet format. Associated graphs can be cut and pasted into documents and presentations.

Clarksons Researchs web-based system is the most comprehensive source of data on the shipping markets

What you can expect from Shipping Intelligence Network.


As soon as they are ready Clarksons Research publications are posted to Shipping Intelligence Network. These include:

  • Shipping Intelligence Weekly
  • World Shipyard Monitor
  • Dry Bulk Trade Outlook
  • Oil and Tankers Trades Outlook
  • Container Intelligence Monthly
  • China Shipbuilding Weekly
  • Container Intelligence Quarterly
  • China Intelligence Monthly
  • China Shipbuilding Weekly
  • China Container Intelligence Monthly
  • Shipping Review and Outlook

And specialist reports such as:

  • Tankers in Transition
  • Car Carrier Trade Transport
  • Ice Class Tankers
  • KG Finance and Shipping
  • LNG Trade and Transport

Shipping Markets

  • Markets: reports on 20+ market sectors, including tankers, bulkers, containers, gas, chemical, short sea, newbuilding, sale and purchase, demolition, bunkers updated daily with associated graphs.
  • Features: latest articles from Clarksons Research publications.
  • Fleet news: alerts to changes in the fleet deliveries, contracts, demolition
  • Vessel register: a range of details on every ship in the Clarksons Research vessel database.

Fleet, Shipbuilding and Fixtures

Our vessel register data comprises around 90,000 vessels. With SIN you have a powerful tool that allows you to access and cross reference a vast wealth of information about them.

Starting with listings of the fleet or the orderbook organised into 11 main ship types and 90 sub-categories you can then link to:

  • individual ships data
  • owner data
  • shipbuilder data

Vessel data: view full information available about individual ships including a sales and fixture history (for tankers and bulkers). In addition there is a peer group analysis which pinpoints the number and characteristics (dimensions, flag, class, ownership, builder) of similar ships by type, size and age.

Owner data: full lists of vessels (by type) currently owned and on order by individual owners, including key data about each ship. Data can also be accessed directly via an owners search function.

Shipbuilder data: Shipyard profiles, including full lists of vessels currently on order with each builder, as well as previously built ships, key data about each vessel. Data can also be accessed via a builders search function.

Listings of secondhand or demolition vessel sales, contracting of new orders and newbuilding deliveries.

Fixtures: reported fixtures for tankers and bulkcarriers, gas carriers and containerships are available and can be accessed by month or year for each ship type or listed for each individual ship. They are also available by owner, charterer and load or discharge area.

Ship sales: reported sales data available by month or year or for each ship type.

Time series and graphs

Our time series data stretches to thousands of spreadsheets, updated weekly and downloadable into excel spreadsheets, each with an associated graph that can be cut and pasted into documents and presentations. There's more than enough there to keep any analyst happy! Search by ship type/category, market or content.

Commercial data: spot freight rates and earnings, period rates, newbuidling, second-hand and demolition prices, all by ship type; choose your own frequency. Time series indicating the volume of activity in terms of fixtures, secondhand sales transactions and newbuild contracts are also available.

Fleet developments time series: fleet, orderbook, contracts, deliveries, demolition over time all types, measured in numbers of ships and capacity.

Shipbuilding data: orderbook, contracting and deliveries by ship type/category and by country/region of build in various units.

Economic and financial data: including commodity prices (oil, bunkers, steel etc.), trade (oil, ore, coal, grain, containers etc.), production (oil, steel), GDP, industrial production, exchange rates, interest rates.

New data and features are continually added to Shipping Intelligence Network to expand its coverage and to keep abreast of changes in the industry. The most recent improvements include:

  • Expanded equipment and commercial information on vessels
  • Significant improvements to time series and graphing functionality
  • Smoother data export
  • New reports on seaborne trade
  • Environmental regulation and capital market activity
  • Improved search tool
  • Expanded archive
  • New shipyard profiles
  • Extensive map library

To discover the power and the range of data available on Shipping Intelligence Network, go to and follow the instructions. Getting the information you want has never been easier.

If you wish to have trial access to the site:

  • Please go to
  • Click on the "Register" button
  • Fill in your details to register on our site
  • A confirmation email will be sent to your email address
  • You can now access the Shipping Intelligence Network

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